Date Event
9 May 1938 Birth of Dr Arthit Ourairat
Attended Bangkok Christian College
Political Science, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Chulalongkorn University
Master of Arts in International Relations from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts USA
Master of Public Administration from California State University, Los Angeles, USA MS (Public Service) California State University,

Los Angeles, USA

Doctorate of Political Science in Public Administration from University

of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA

1959 Mueang District Chief Nakhon Nayok Province
August 19 1966 Married Burinam Yabbutr
1972 Head of the Academic Division Office of the Civil Service Commission
1975 Deputy Secretary-General of the National Environment Board (1975)
1975 Ran for Governor of Bangkok (not elected)
1976 Ran for House 0f Representatives (not elected)
1983 Ran for House 0f Representatives (not elected)
1984 Governor of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
1986 Rangsit College opened
1988 Elected to House of Representatives
1989 Unity Party – Party Spokesman
1990 Minister of Foreign Affairs
31 July 1990 Rangsit University inaugurated by 

H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

March 1992 Elected to House of Representatives 

Deputy Leader of Seritham Party

April 1992 Speaker of the House of Representatives
June 1992 Nominated Anand as PM
December 1992 Decoration Awarded: มหาวชิรมงกุฎ (ม.ว. ปี 2535)
December 1993 Decoration Awarded: มหาปรมาภรณ์ช้างเผือก (ม.ป.ช. ปี 2536)
Sept 1994 Minister of Public Health

Head of the Thai Delegation

to the International Conference on Population and Development

Cairo, Egypt, 5‐13 September 1994

1996 Elected House of Representatives (Democrat Party)
1996 Minister of Science, Technology and Environment
August 1996 Opening Dulwich International College Phuket
2004 Satit Bilingual School opened
April 2005 DIC renamed British International School, Phuket
June 2010 Open RSU Towers
May 2011 Facebook earliest post
2014 Satit International Bilingual School opened
May 2022 Resigns as Rector RSU
2025 Opening of Satit Bilingual School Bangkok