SBS Bangkok


SBS Bangkok, based in Lat Krabang, is a forthcoming bilingual international school, and part of the Arthit Ourairat Institution, offering the highly regarded IB PYP and Cambridge Secondary international curricula.

SBS Bangkok will also offer career focused tracks for students who do not wish to study the Cambridge curriculum in Upper Secondary. The tracks are aligned with the requirements from the Thai Ministry of Education and also Tertiary Institutions around the world.

It will be a full school admitting students from age 2 and education to age 18, or graduation, providing entry requirements to higher education.

In line with the group’s mission, it will emphasise cultivating curiosity, academic excellence and personal well being.

Unique features at a glance

SBS Bangkok will be the only IB PYP bilingual school in the area.

SBS Bangkok has established MOUs with a network of international Universities, enabling students in their final year to take University credit. This fast-track option means students can join select Universities in year 2 of higher education studies, saving parents money and saving students time.

The bilingual nature of the school also opens up opportunities in both Thailand and English speaking countries for higher education and career pathways.

SBS Bangkok will offer tailored tracks in the Secondary school enabling students to focus on their areas of special interest as they prepare for higher education.

The school will be non-selective, and in the tradition of AOI schools will add value to each student’s academics, rather than simply admit A grade students with pre-expected exit grades.

SBS Bangkok will focus on what matters most to its target markets: an efficient use of resources and efforts towards adding value to a child’s skills and knowledge development, streamlined access to higher education, and expansion of higher education and career opportunities, rather than facilities and optional leisure programmes used by a minority of students