Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai (SIBS)


Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiang Mai  provides a solid bilingual educational foundation integrating Thailand’s educational curriculum with international curricula. Teachers at both kindergarten and grade levels represent a balanced ratio of Thai and native English speaking teachers. The classrooms use state of the art multimedia and employ theories of language acquisition and process-based learning.

SIBS focuses on activity-based learning. The school aims to provide hands-on opportunities where students can develop skills through practical investigation and research and having acquired these skills can help to guide their own future learning.


Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiang Mai provides an International Bilingual Curriculum which meets local and international educational standards, doubling the future of our students through fluency in bilingualism. SIBS enables students to fulfil their academic potential and develop essential life skills to become caring, honest and considerate global citizens.


Teaching and Learning: SIBS follows a model of student-centred process-based teaching. Teachers understand that their role is as a facilitator of learning.

Academic Quality / Rigour: SIBS offers academically challenging programmes that are balanced and meet both the standards of the Thai Ministry of Education and the expectations of challenging programmes of international education. Assessment of student performance will be authentic and rigorous.

Learner Development: SIBS Students are encouraged to ask questions. The school develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring individuals who are confident, responsible, reflective and engaged. Students are expected to be confident in the use of two or more languages.

Diversity and Personal Responsibility: At SIBS, local (Thai) and global perspectives are included throughout the curriculum and other school activities in order to “encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people with their differences, can also be right” and that everyone shares the responsibility for our planet.



Kindergarten Programme

SIBS Kindergarten is an accredited Cambridge Early centre that follows an Early Years Framework which is tailored to the needs of our children. The Early Years staff work as a team to plan for children’s learning in seven key areas identified within our framework, ensuring their skills are built progressively and with consideration of individual children’s needs and interests.

Cambridge International Primary Curriculum

SIBS delivers a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and concepts to help them become internationally-minded bilingual citizens. The diversity of the students and teachers provides opportunities to collaborate and develop awareness of our similar and differing perspectives.

Language Learning : Trilingual Approach

A child’s solid understanding of their first language is important in the development of a confident bilingual child. The trilingual approach, teaching English, Thai and Mandarin, starts from our Early Years. SIBS primary students attend specialist classes for their first language of Thai or Mandarin. Mandarin as an Additional Language instruction is offered in order to ensure our trilingual approach is effective. As we embrace Thai values and bilingualism/trilingualism, all students participate in Thai Language and Culture classes. Thai as an Additional Language classes for non-native students begin in P1.

In Primary, English as an additional Language (EAL) support is provided within the context of the primary classroom. Homeroom and language support teachers plan together to deliver what individual students need to access the curriculum within the classroom setting. In some cases, a child may be provided individual or small group instruction outside of the classroom.

Secondary School Programme

SIBS Secondary School offers a corridor to higher education with the valuable key of bilingualism, unlocking doors to opportunities worldwide. Underpinning our dual-language pathway, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers a culturally sensitive international curriculum to ensure the best in academic learning and holistic development.

Secondary Tracks

Educational tracking involves the classification of students into different educational programs based on established criteria such as interest, ability, or achievement. In Lower Secondary, students are presented with pre-defined subjects that accommodate their varying abilities. As students progress from Year 9 to Year 10, they are presented with a broad selection of IGCSE and As/A Level topics from which they can identify areas of study to focus on.

At SIBS, Lower Secondary students are introduced to four unique tracks/strands to choose from, ensuring that they are fully equipped with the necessary academic skills to prepare them for university or career pathways.

Medical Studies Track

Track Students whose interests thrive around Medical Sciences are given the opportunity to focus on a track leading to Medical Studies. SIBS’s Medical track is uniquely-designed to provide the students the needed content knowledge to be fully-equipped when pursuing medical studies in the future. Apart from our Internship programmes with various hospitals in Thailand, our medical simulation centre also provides the opportunity for students to gain first hand experience.

Engineering Track

The engineering track in SIBS is a specialised study pathway. This pathway has a two-fold function: It guides students in selecting the most suitable IGCSE and A-Level subject combinations required for a career in engineering and the physical sciences. It also provides practical experience in the field of manufacturing, technology and scientific research through specialised field trips, internships and within-school experimental research.

Business Enterprise Track

Students who excel in interpersonal skills and demonstrate great understanding in promotion and marketing are led to the Business Enterprise Track to better focus on needed competencies required for business studies in future career paths. Business Studies and English are essential, and Extended Mathematics is recommended. Business Studies is the main subject aligned with the track as it gives students an insight into how a business operates, including its environment, human resource management, marketing, operations management as well as finance and accounting.

Art, Design & Technology Track

The Art, Design, and Technology track presents an exceptional opportunity for students to express their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and enhance hand-eye coordination. This track also promotes the cultivation of various cognitive skills, including problem-solving, lateral thinking, complex analysis, and critical thinking. By integrating technology, students can delve deeper into graphic design and illustration using advanced software. Moreover, the Art, Design, and Technology track provides a pathway for students to gain expertise in UX design, communication, and design theory.

Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai

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