Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University

(SBS Rangsit)


Satit Bilingual School (SBS) , Rangsit is one of the leading bilingual schools in Thailand. With International programmes of education from pre-Kindergarten to Year 13, the unique SBS International Bilingual Curriculum is perfectly designed to develop graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful in a fast changing world. SBS Rangsit employs a distinctive methodology for trilingual language acquisition, ensuring that students graduating from Year 13 attain proficiency in three languages: English, Thai, and Chinese..The Kindergarten and Primary schools offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), the first Bilingual school in Thailand to be accredited as an IB World School, while Secondary School offers the Cambridge International Programme. The SBS student has all the qualifications necessary to study at top universities both at home and abroad, empowering students with choice in what pathway they want to follow.


The school’s mission is to provide bilingual education programmes which meet local and international education standards enabling students to fulfil their academic potential and develop essential life skills to become caring, honest and considerate global citizens.


Teaching and Learning: SBS follows a model of student-centred process-based teaching. Teachers understand that their role is as a facilitator of learning.

Academic Quality / Rigour: SBS offers academically challenging programmes that are balanced and meet both the standards of the Thai Ministry of Education and the expectations of challenging programmes of international education. Assessment of student performance will be authentic and rigorous.

Learner Development: SBS Students are encouraged to ask questions. The school develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring individuals who are confident, responsible, reflective and engaged. Students are expected to be confident in the use of two or more languages.

Diversity and Personal Responsibility: At SBS, local (Thai) and global perspectives are included throughout the curriculum and other school activities in order to “encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people with their differences, can also be right” ( and that everyone shares the responsibility for our planet.




SBS brings together outstanding international school curricula to provide the flexibility, choice and rigour required by aspirational students. SBS Rangsit prioritizes innovation as a means to safeguard the holistic wellbeing of its students.

SBS Tiger Cubs

SBS Tiger Cubs is a preschool experience that helps support early childhood development and school readiness. The experience consists of a number of programs to suit many different needs, specifically designed to support the early development of gross and fine motor skills, early communication, sensory development, and the building of social skills.

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is an inquiry based curriculum framework for children aged 3-12. It uses a transdisciplinary approach to learning by exploring meaningful concepts and real-world issues. It promotes learning through play and inquiry, by provoking each child’s curiosity. The children take part in meaningful learning activities where they are given opportunities to creatively and critically solve real- world problems. The programme focuses on creating life-long learners as the children get to develop an understanding of themselves as a learner through reflection.

Cambridge International Programme

The Cambridge International Programme is available to students from an early age, ensuring that our students are better prepared for both National and International University entrances. SBS students are able to select the Cambridge International Programme at the start of Secondary One. Students will continue with the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, focusing mainly on Cambridge English Language, Cambridge Mathematics, Cambridge Computer Science and Cambridge Combined Sciences throughout their Secondary One studies.

At the end of Secondary Three, students complete their IGCSE studies as well as their PSAT (Pre-SAT) exams. The PSAT exams ensure that students are prepared for the SAT exams at the end of their Secondary Four studies. Cambridge International students start their Cambridge AS/A-Levels in Secondary Four, where they select a minimum of three subjects which they focus on for the next 3 years of their studies. The three subjects selections are aligned with their future studies at Universities. At the beginning of Secondary Four, our curriculum is designed to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to undertake external examinations such as Cambridge AS Level, SAT English, SAT Mathematics, and the English proficiency tests specifically, IELTS.

During their final year studies, students experience an Internship program, giving them the work experience they need to be better prepared for their future studies.

SBS Career Focused Pathways

The unique Career Focussed Pathways gives students the opportunity to study in a programme that is aligned to their future field of study.  Dialogue between students and the university counsellor starts to take place at Secondary 3.  The Secondary 4 programmes are then designed based on evidence from studies interests.


The SBS MedicinePlus Track embraces the proud traditions of our past Science Track while keeping an eye towards the future. The MedicinePlus track includes practical experiences, ensuring that SBS students become successful future leaders in medicine. The school also has state of the art facilities to support medical studies, including a Medical Simulation centre.


The current technological revolution is transforming the jobs of tomorrow. The SBS STEAM track will ensure that SBS students are ready to excel in the ever changing labour force. As boundaries between disciplines become increasingly blurred, new disciplines are emerging such as bio-engineering and neuro-economics, and the emphasis is shifting from learning facts to combining ideas from different places to develop more creative solutions to complex problems. As these changes gather pace, having skills which are transferable across academic disciplines is vital for students’ academic and career success in the 21st Century.

SBS Enterprise Pathway

The SBS Enterprise Pathway is a unique curriculum that brings the world of business into the classroom and gives learners a clear insight into what it means to think like an entrepreneur and also experience the 21st century skills needed to succeed in today’s business market. The Enterprise Pathway will prepare our students for University Faculties such as Business Studies, Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Business Management, International Marketing etc.

SBS Tourism and Hospitality Track

The SBS Tourism and Hospitality track is designed to help meet the need for skilled and knowledgeable individuals in this rapidly diversifying industry. The curriculum develops practical skills across a range of working roles, as well as providing a global and local perspective on travel and tourism. Learners gain an overview of the industry, and learn about popular destinations, customer care, working procedures, travel and tourism products and services, and marketing and promotion.

Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University

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